Saturday, December 04, 2010

Supplies...Supplies....and Getting Ready!

The weekend after Thanksgiving was a big weekend for us, because Joann's has some great bargains and we load up on lots of supplies for the next year.  Supplies, as in FABRIC! 

We are trying some new patterns and if they work well, and don't take a ton of time, we'll add them to our offerings next summer.  The Farmer's Market begins in June and that will surely come before we are ready=)

This is actually some wool blend that Beth (Mom) will be making some skirts for Jessica and Jennifer...Of course, the green is for Jenny=)

I bought extra of these two fabrics...for lounge pants for the girls. 

A sling backpack bag that I am currently working on....I'll post when it's finished.

White bolts of interfacing...we go through a lot!  That's 40 yards of it!!!  Last year we used almost 30 yards, so we bought extra in case we are extra-productive.

Also...I'm working on some Christmas gifts for Jess and Jenny while they are away....I can't post pics until after Christmas - so I'll keep you and them in suspense.