Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Friday Fun

Well, last Friday we spent almost the entire day at a friend's house, just sewing away! It was a wonderful time of sweet fellowship around our sewing machines. =] (I also loved the help of two fabulous girls, Abby and Kaylie, as I was putting together some new owls) Here are some pictures of that fun day!

^All three of us had our machines up and running!^

^I love these sweet little ladies!^

^My favorite owl that we made that day.^

^Fun prints, before adding some embellishments.^

^Now we're picking out buttons for the eyes...^

^I just noticed that Kaylie's chopping on a potato chip. Cuteness! We've gotta keep everyone happy, happy, happy!^

Monday, July 08, 2013

We're Just A Shoppin' Around

Mom and I have to admit - We love spending time (and money) together, and shopping for fabric is just one of those things that makes a Saturday afternoon practically perfect. Here are some fun pictures we snapped of our time together...

^^^I had my fabric, my bag of fluff for stuffing owls, and my roll of batting, sticking off the end of my cart like a battering ram!^^^

^^^What fun fabric's mom found!^^^

^^^And Dawn, the gal who's getting to know us quite well... Don't laugh at us taking her picture - she could have a claim to fame one day if I become a well-known designer!^^^