Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Exciting Things are Happening!

Beth, Jennifer and Jessica

Yes, it's obvious we've been away too long from our blog. more! Even as Jessica is leaving for college within the week, there are exciting things happening in our business and sewing.  God has seen fit to bless our efforts and we are whole-heartily pursuing His plan and purpose.  The Farmer's Market season is winding down, but we have new opportunities to showcase our wonderful handmade items and we'll be sharing those with you, as well as an amazing partnership with a Chicago-based charity that promises to grow Three Baggy P's exponentially.  This will allow Jessica to solely work for our business while in college in California and allow Jennifer and Beth to continue to grow our company on Wisconsin. ready to see great new products...and our announcement about this wonderful partnership.  

This Saturday will be Jessica's last farmer's market gig - then she heads off to West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA.  If you are in our area...stop by and give her a big hug as she takes this new and exciting step in her life.  She blesses our family daily and now God is sending her on a new journey to bless others.  Dont' fear...she's still a vital part of our business and you'll be seeing her posting here too.