Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Building our Display

Eddie (hubby & father), started out with a pile of lumber and some 4x4 pieces of pegboard.  He also started with creativity and imagination...it was all in his head and we had to trust his powers to create it.

We're thankful for the tools Daddy has in his arsenal.

Daddy, with Jessica & Jennifer putting the pegboard into slots of the 2x4.  This display is easily dismantled and loaded into our van.  Daddy made it so his girls could set up each week in minutes.

Jessica , Ed and  Jennifer next to the finished product.  He made another just like it - so we have two!  Now it's up to us to fill them both up.  We are working really hard to do that.

We took the display into the house and started loading it with our creations.  We are thankful to have both sides of two displays...we'll need the room.  This picture is only one side - we have the other side full as well.  We'll use all four sides and spread the bags out more. 

Next....we have to finishing our pricing and set up our total display sometime before Saturday, so we'll have a plan come early Saturday morning.  We are very excited!

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