Thursday, February 17, 2011


We've had some wonderful blessings this past month - all related to sewing! For those of you who know us, one of our favorite traditions is going to Sewing Weekend in May - sponsored by Nancy's Notions in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.  I've (Beth) been going for over 10 years and it all started with my Mom and I.  Several years ago I started taking my daughters - the other two "Baggy P's."  We look forward to it and try to save money all year long for the shopping we do there.  We also attend some of the seminars and workshops and learn new things - all contributing to more excitement each Spring about sewing. 

First Blessing...This year our picture is on the Sewing Weekend brochure!!!  We were so amazed when it arrived.  Here's pictures of our picture.

We don't even remember posing for this picture,
 but we're glad we did!

Second Blessing:  Just days after receiving our brochure, I posted a comment on Nancy Zieman's blog about her new bag pattern.  I was the lucky winner of that new pattern, and received it in the mail just last week!
We are looking forward to using this pattern as it is for a large tote.

Third Blessing: A friend called me after receiving her new Nancy's Notions Catalog and told me our picture was also in the catalog to promote the event.

Yes, we are shopping for fabric! 

Three blessings...Fun...Excitement...Anticipation...We are really looking forward to May - and we'll have to make sure we have our hair done and look nice...just in case we get snapped again!

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  1. How cute! That is so neat. Have fun at the Sewing Weekend! :)