Thursday, July 07, 2011

New Aprons and Making Jam

I (Beth) made Jessica and Jennifer matching aprons for Christmas and thought you all would like to see them!  I used the same fabric, just different color rick-rack so the girls would be able to tell them apart.  Jenny's apron was put to good use today as we made strawberry freezer jam after we went berry picking this morning. 
I love working in the kitchen with my daughters...teaching...nurturing...encouraging...all while we "put-up" some "good stuff" for all of us to enjoy later.
Yes, I did also make the star wall hanging in the background.  It has hung in my kitchen for years and has some of my favorite colors in it. 

In the background is also the box of peaches we picked up this morning...
                        we'll start those next!

 I decided to post the pictures of my apron too - reds and yellows.  After a day of processing strawberries, I'm certainly ready to relax!

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  1. Haven't done in jams yet this year...not sure I'll get to it. Aprons look fabulous!