Saturday, February 25, 2012

I have become obsessed with hand-sewing felt projects lately! This is a felt checkbook cover, with a flannel embellishment on the front. I used a blanket stitch around the edge to finish it.

Felt Tissue Pockets:

Close-ups on the applique/embroidery:


  1. Jessica those are so cute! I need one of those! I still haven't recovered from what I found out was actually "allergies" at BJU! I got through so many of those packs though! :D Again, those tissue packet covers are adorable! You're so creative!!!

    1. Thanks a bunch! The tissue pockets are a ton of fun to make. Hopefully this post inspired you to make some of your own projects with felt!
      I hope you feel better soon. I've heard allergies are no fun but thankfully I've never had any.