Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3 Baby Quilts....DONE!

I just finished up and mailed three baby quilts!  They were for the Quilts for Kids project and it took me much longer than I anticipated to complete them.  They were not hard to do...simple blocks with simple quilting...but, I found my sewing time limited and at times I was selfish and wanted to work on other projects rather then completing the quilts.  Finally I had to impose upon myself a rule that I couldn't work on anything else until they were completed...and that did the trick.

Here's the link to find out more information on the Quilts for Kids project http://www.quiltsforkids.org/  

The kits include all you need for the front of the quilt, and the backing.  The quilter must provide the batting...and all the work...which really isn't work at all...but lots of fun!!

A wonderful part of this sewing, was thinking about the children who will receive them, praying for them, and wondering how they are doing.  I don't think I will ever find out who gets the quilts I made...The Lord knows, and He will send my prayers to the right child.

The first quilt is orange/pink/cream with a green inner boarder.  The print has purses on it!  How appropriate for us=)

The second quilt is brown/orange/blue and mustard...the best part being the printed boarders with OWLS!!!

And the third quilt is all about cowboys! Red/green, blue with a horseshoe print and terrific cowboy boots for the backing fabric.

 As you can see...we were given a label to print our name to attach to every quilt.  Here is one with Jessica's name on.  

Each quilt binding was made by bringing the backing fabric to the front...then I did a blanket stitch with my machine to make a very secure binding. Each quilt has been washed and dried and is ready for the sweet child to receive.
I definitely would do this again...although I would only order one quilt kit at a time=)

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